A would-be Eagle Scout led an effort to spruce up a wall at Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium that honors local high-school-student alumni who died in World War II.

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Peter Gockowski was well-acquainted with the turf at Seattle Center’s Memorial Stadium because of playing high-school football there. But the O’Dea High School senior didn’t know much about the stadium’s history.

“After one of my games, my dad asked me if I knew what the stadium was for, and I had no idea,” the 17-year-old said.

Gockowski learned the stadium was built in 1947 to honor Seattle high-school student alumni who died in World War II, and he saw their names on a memorial wall outside. Nearly 800 people are listed.

Noticing that the wall was partly obscured by trash-strewn, overgrown hedges, the would-be Eagle Scout obtained permission from Seattle Public Schools for a cleanup.

He and a half-dozen other Boy Scouts made good on the plan Saturday, removing seven bags of garbage, including beer bottles and pizza boxes, he said, and trimming the hedges to better exhibit the service members’ names.