Bremerton police have spoken with a man they say is a person of interest in two killings and a nonfatal attack in the city since last May.

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Bremerton police have spoken with a man they say is a person of interest in two killings and a nonfatal attack in the city since last May.

Police on Tuesday did not say that the man had been ruled out or confirmed as a suspect. However, they said no arrests have been made in the fatal attacks on two women and the attack on a man on city streets.

Earlier this month, police released a sketch of a young man who was described as a person of interest in the case. Police said they believe the man they questioned is the same person depicted in a sketch.

Police have described him as a light-skinned black or mixed-race man in his late teens or early 20s, slender and about 6 feet tall with a distinctive blemish or mark near his mouth and nose that could be a mole or other mark.

Police declined to release more information or confirm reports that the investigation had taken them to Seattle.

On Tuesday, residents of a low-income community in the 3500 block of South Juneau Street in Seattle said that Bremerton detectives, as well as Seattle police and the FBI, had been at a residence in their complex. Residents said several officers or agents were wearing white jumpsuits while they appeared to be collecting evidence inside one of the second-floor apartments.

Spokespeople from Seattle police and the FBI confirmed that the law-enforcement agencies had been involved in another agency’s investigation at that location but would not disclose any other information.

“It’s not our case,” said Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson.

“I can confirm that the FBI was down there, but I can’t say what it’s in relation to,” said FBI spokeswoman Ayn Sandalo Dietrich. “It’s not an arrest, it’s not a current crime scene and it’s not a concern for public safety.”

Earlier this month, Bremerton police announced that they had enlisted the help of the FBI in their investigation in the apparently random and unprovoked attacks.

The attacks in Bremerton began on May 3, 2011, with the stabbing death of 19-year-old Sara Burke on a street near the heart of Bremerton.

One month later, Kenny Cobb, 51, was stabbed by an unknown assailant less than a mile away. He survived.

On Feb. 3, 61-year-old Melody Brannon was slain in a yard near her home.

Police said all three victims appeared to have been followed before they were attacked while they were walking alone along relatively well-traveled streets.

Police recently announced the creation of a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for the two deaths.

Police are still asking anyone with information about the crimes to call the Bremerton Police Department Tip Line at 360-473-5481.

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Information from Seattle Times archives is included in this report.