Bloodworks Northwest has been asked to send 34 units of blood to states preparing for Hurricane Florence, at a time when the blood bank is already strapped.

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As the states in Florence’s path brace for the hurricane to make landfall, an emergency supply of blood was shipped to the Southeast by Bloodworks Northwest, decreasing its own supply.

A blood-collecting network of 70 organizations requested Bloodworks Northwest send 34 units of blood to Virginia and North Carolina. The request comes at a time when inventories are traditionally low, according to James AuBuchon, president and CEO of Bloodworks Northwest.

“We are going to need more looking at the size of that hurricane; it’s scary,” AuBuchon said.

And while Bloodworks wants to send more blood than was requested, the organization also has to think about the nearly 100 local hospitals that rely on it.

‘We aren’t in a position to send any more units until we can increase our own stocks,” AuBuchon said.

AuBuchon stressed that people should donate blood if they can, particularly those with blood types O positive and negative, B negative, and AB negative.

Donations can be scheduled online at any of Bloodworks’ 12 Northwest locations.