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Seattle police say that nearly 50 protesters, dressed in black and bandanas, attacked officers with lit road flares and eggs during a demonstration on Capitol Hill last night.

Police spokesman Mark Jamieson said the group was protesting the detention of some political prisoners, it’s unclear who or where. Protesters chanted anti-police slogans and carried signs, including one that read “all cops are bastards,” Jamieson said.

Officers said the confrontation with protesters began around 10:10 p.m. when one squad car traveling on East Olive Way, toward Broadway, was surrounded. The protesters, many with bandanas covering their faces, threw road flares and eggs at the patrol car, police said.

“Rather than engage the hostile crowd by himself, the officer turned down an alley and called for additional officers,” police said in a news release.

Soon another lit flare was thrown at the initial officer; protesters also pushed newspaper boxes into the street, police said. When additional officers showed up, “the protesters all took off running in different directions,” the news release said.

No arrests were made.