Imagine moving all your worldly possessions — furniture, cabinets, etc. — across town. By bicycle. That's what one Bellingham man did this week.

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The thought of hauling a sofa, dinette set, bed and bed frame down a flight of stairs and into a moving truck is enough for some to break a sweat.

Imagine hauling all of that five miles across town, by bike. With everything else you own. In one trip, almost.

For Tim Flores, it was a personal challenge. He’s been living car-free for more than 10 years and is no stranger to van-less moving. But he’s never done it in one fell swoop.

Tuesday, he recruited a few friends and acquaintances who offered to bring a ton of his things — literally, he estimates, 1 ton, in all — from the outskirts of northwest Bellingham to the Puget neighborhood.

Flores and Caleb Brown, a co-worker at the downtown Community Food Co-op, loaded about 600 pounds of stuff onto two bikes and bike trailers.

By 5 p.m., eight more bikers had arrived to help with the move, using only their cycles, trailers, bungee cords and backpacks.

“It is very Beverly Hillbillies-looking,” Flores said.

Brown carried a hefty load of cabinets, trunks and toiletries on a bike trailer through a maze of Bellingham streets.

Flores, 30, wants people to rethink how much they depend on cars.

“Not everyone can move an entire home by bike, but you can walk to the store or ride a bike to work once a week,” he said. “That’s within everyone’s grasp.”

With his second load Tuesday, he took the sofa, a set of chairs, his bed, a bed frame and a lamp.

After about 45 minutes of pedaling through Bellingham during rush hour, at a pace a little faster than a group of speed walkers, the caravan arrived.