Bellingham Police said a suspect suitcase that triggered the local airport’s evacuation “completely empty.” Normal operations said the airport was evacuated as a precaution, and a bomb squad was en route to the site.

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An abandoned black suitcase that triggered the evacuation of Bellingham International Airport turned out to be “completely empty,” Bellingham Police said Sunday.

In its Twitter account, the police department said airport operations would be back to normal soon.

The medium-sized suitcase had yielded a positive swab for explosives and led to a preventive evacuation of the site on Sunday afternoon.

But about 300 passengers were allowed to stay in the area after security screening because they are far enough from the screening area.

Bellingham Police sent a bomb squad to the aiport and said a bomb robot has been deployed to X-ray the suitcase in question, which was found on the sidewalk of the passenger pickup area.