A man was arrested for brandishing his gun at Bellevue College on Thursday evening, an episode that briefly shut down the campus.

Bellevue police arrived on campus around 5 p.m. after someone told them the man said he was in trouble and needed help, said police spokeswoman Meeghan Black. The man, who Black described as being in his 60s and “obviously in crisis,” then indicated that he was carrying a gun, Black said.

“It doesn’t appear there was a threat, but he brandished the weapon,” Black said.

Black said the man had been barricaded in his car since the police arrived on campus. Police negotiated with the man for more than five hours, until they took him into custody at around 10:30 p.m.

The college reopened shortly after that. Police said no one was hurt.

Black said officials didn’t believe the public was in danger.

Before the man was apprehended, the college advised those living in student housing to shelter in place, though faculty, staff and students were allowed to leave campus. The school asked anyone leaving campus to exit through the south entrance or the main entrance on Landerholm Circle Southeast.

No further information was immediately available.