Check out these before-and-after images of the Space Needle, which will undergo the biggest renovation in its history.

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Glass, glass and more glass.

That’s what’s revealed in renderings, including an animated version, distributed with the announcement of the Space Needle’s $100 million-plus renovation.

Check out photos of the current Needle and what it could look like after the overhaul.

The Space Needle’s saucer will see most of the changes. The wire cage that now surrounds the observation deck will be replaced with glass, which will be tilted outward. Floor-to-ceiling glass panes will also replace windows on the deck.

Next to the glass, new benches will be installed, allowing viewers to lean back and look up to the sky, according to Space Needle officials.

The Needle’s iconic, spinning restaurant will also see some significant changes, including the installation of glass flooring, giving diners a view of the Seattle Center 500 feet below. The motor that spins the eatery will also get replaced.

From afar, the Space Needle won’t look much different, except for the sleeker saucer, more elevators and a new paint job.

(Before photos / Space Needle; after images / Olson Kundig)

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