All the Western Washington folks who dislike sun and heat and baking cars and watering plants in April — and there are plenty of those Northwesterners — can breathe a sigh of relief as we head back to our area’s historical reality.

On Thursday, clouds and cooler weather with a high in the low to mid-60s brought us back closer to our normal high temperature of 59 degrees for this time of the year.

Wednesday marked the seventh consecutive day of temperatures at or above 70 degrees in April, the first time that’s happened in Seattle’s recorded weather history, according to Dustin Guy with the National Weather Service of Seattle.

The previous record was five days in a row set four times in 1897, 1926, 1934 and 2006.

“The temporary break from reality was a bit unusual, but it’s over now,” said Guy.

We’ll see more clouds and highs in the low 60s on Friday before the rain and highs in the 50s arrive on Saturday, Guy said.

Showers will likely linger through the weekend, Guy said, though Monday and Tuesday could dry out a bit. Another front is expected to bring more rain on Wednesday.

At this time of year, Guy said, weather fronts are weaker than in the winter and tend to bring a day or two of showers rather than the heavy, steady rain of our winter months.