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Will they call him “Mercer,”  one tweeter asked, after a baby boy was born in a vehicle shortly before 7 a.m. on the Mercer Street exit from Interstate 5 in Seattle this morning.

Seattle Fire Lt. Sue Stangl said the fire department was alerted that a woman was in labor in a vehicle traveling southbound on I-5.  At the Mercer exit, the car pulled over, and by the time medics reached the vehicle, the child had been born, with mother and baby both apparently “happy and healthy,” Stangl said.

“We gave them a more comfortable ride to Swedish Hospital,” Stangl said.

Mike Allende of the state Transportation Department (WSDOT) said the birth hadn’t posed a serious traffic obstruction, but that traffic in the area was particularly slow because of three collisions on I-5 near the convention center, with wet roadways a likely factor.