Chef Traci Calderon and volunteers bring a multicourse, free meal to anyone who lines up on the first Wednesday each month at the Atrium Kitchen in the Pike Place Market.

There are guys-in-ties and people living on the street.  There are workers at the market and residents of senior housing.

Calderon, owner of Atrium Kitchen, started the meal program in February 2017 for “anyone and everyone.”

First in line is Brandy Sebron-Kelley, who comes to every feed and says “it’s fun and always delicious.”

This meal is porketta (slow-roasted pork), butternut squash pasta, green salad, mom’s potato casserole and cannoli.  It’s always multicourse with vegan and vegetarian options.

Since Calderon began the meal event, over 8,600 have been fed.

She started it “to feel better and to bring people together.”

The meals are always free, but donations are accepted.  Atrium Kitchen is at 93 Pike St. on a lower level of the Market.