Local artists have finished repainting the Black Lives Matter mural they created on a Capitol Hill street this summer, after the original artwork started to fade and deteriorate.

The mural, which spells out “Black Lives Matter” in colorful, block letters, was inspired by similar street paintings in other cities, including in Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. It was first painted on East Pine Street next to Cal Anderson Park in the midst of June protests, but it was removed by Seattle transportation workers in September when its paint started to disintegrate.

Since then, the artists have worked with the city to recreate the mural in a sustainable way that will keep it safe regardless of poor weather conditions.

Vivid Matter Collective, a local arts group spearheading the project, announced the partnership in a statement a couple weeks ago.

“Vivid Matter Collective along with the City of Seattle is proud to announce the collaborative effort in preserving the beautiful Black Lives Matter monument, making it a permanent landmark celebrating progress and change during this unprecedented time in Seattle’s history,” the statement said. “We look forward to the opportunity to reunite as a team, reignite the message and amplify the movement.”