The body of a man was found Tuesday afternoon near where a missing man's car was found on Saturday. Renton police and a county search and...

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Body found near

abandoned car

The body of a man was found Tuesday afternoon near where a missing man’s car was found on Saturday. Renton police and a county search and rescue team found the body in North Renton near Interstate 405. The car belongs to Ratchin Duong.

It’s unknown if the body is that of Ratchin. It’s up to the county Medical Examiner’s Office to make a positive ID, police said.


BPA urges amends

for wind producers

The Bonneville Power Administration on Tuesday proposed compensating wind-power producers for half the losses they suffer when ordered to shut down during periods of glutted regional power markets.

Those payments are estimated to average about $12 million annually. But they could range from zero in dry years when there is less hydropower to more than $50 million in years when there are large seasonal surpluses of hydropower.

BPA ratepayers would foot the bill for compensation payments.

The proposal is expected to be finalized soon, then submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In December, the commission ruled that BPA’s periodic shutdowns of turbines without compensation was discriminatory.


WWU sees record

number apply

Western Washington University got a record number of freshmen applications this year, about 5 percent over the previous year.

The school has 9,631 applications for about 2,800 slots for fall 2012 — about 500 more than last year.

Washington State University reported last month that its applications were up 13 percent. But the University of Washington got about 1,000 fewer in-state freshmen applicants for the fall semester UW admissions director Phil Ballinger has speculated that the UW’s reputation as being more selective than in the past may be discouraging some in-state applicants.


Collision ends

in hammer attack

The State Patrol says a driver was attacked with a small sledgehammer after a road-rage incident early Tuesday morning on Highway 167. The alleged assault followed a two-car collision near Interstate 405. No serious injury occurred.

The driver of a GMC minivan rear-ended the victim’s Nissan 300ZX, the State Patrol said. The driver of the Nissan allegedly responded by pulling in front of the minivan and slamming on his brakes, forcing the minivan off the freeway.

The drivers pulled over and began arguing. The minivan driver, a Bothell man, then allegedly struck the Nissan driver, a 33-year-old Renton man, on the shoulder with the sledgehammer, the Patrol says.

The minivan driver was booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault. The Nissan driver was cited for negligent driving.

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