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1) C: Transportation was the big problem facing 21st century Seattle, as freeways and floating bridges “will fall short of meeting all needs of the 3,000,000 persons who must have opportunities to move from home to work and to recreation areas.” Smog would be a problem, too, but we were too smug to talk about it. So you get credit for picking A or B, too.

2) A: The unnamed Spokane legislator used the “glorified carnival” line, while a “leading churchman” called the fair a “laughing stock” while “profligate waste” was attributed to no one except “the press.” So B or C also are OK.

3) B: In a section full of car ads, the one for the Volkswagen Beetle stood out by encouraging buyers to travel to Europe to “save on import costs.” The ad didn’t mention the price of the 1962 VW, but $1,595 is a figure often cited. And they were light enough for a group of brawny teenagers on Capitol Hill to pick one up and move it. So again, any answer is correct.


3: You get into the Seattle World’s Fair for free.

2: You get into the King County Fair for free.

1: You get into the King County Jail for free.

0: You’re free to go. Enjoy the 50th anniversary celebration.

— Bill Kossen, Seattle Times staff