Prolific robber's attire includes plaid shirts and a furry hat with ear flaps, similar to that of Looney Toons character.

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The Columbian

An alleged Clark County robber dubbed the “Elmer Fudd” bandit because of his signature hunting clothes — including an earflap hat — made his first appearances in court Monday.

Clark County Judge Rich Melnick set bail at $200,000 for the defendant and his alleged getaway driver, who was also in court, but ordered a second hearing Tuesday to establish what evidence there is against them.

Both defendants waived probable cause, meaning they agreed at their arrest that a police officer did not have to write a report of the evidence against them. Considering the seriousness of the charges, Melnick asked the deputy prosecutor in court to explain the allegations against the pair.

Deputy Prosecutor Jeff McCarty said he didn’t have the reports that outlined all the facts of the case.

The alleged bandit is being held on suspicion of seven bank robberies, and the accused getaway driver of being an accomplice in five. The judge wanted to know what evidence supported holding the two in jail on suspicion of first-degree robbery.

“Was there a weapon?” the judge asked. “Were there (demand) notes”

McCarty said the two were caught by police Thursday evening fleeing the Bank of America branch at 13411 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd. Police found money and a bank money tracker on them. During an interview with investigators, the two admitted to the other robberies, McCarty said.

Questioned again about weapon, McCarty said he didn’t know. In response, the judge ordered the prosecutor’s office to submit a probable cause affidavit by Tuesday to be reviewed.

“This is a mess,” Melnick, a former deputy prosecutor, said.

The Elmer Fudd nickname came from the defendant’s attire during the alleged heists — plaid shirts and a furry hat with ear flaps, similar to the Looney Toons character.