After a weeklong closure, Stevens Pass and White Pass reopened Thursday.

White Pass reopened briefly Monday but was closed again due to a rockslide that exposed a boulder the size of a “three-quarter-ton pickup” about 100 feet from the roadway, WSDOT said.

Using two air bags, a contractor was able to dislodge the 12-by-8-foot boulder, causing it to tumble down the slope and break apart. Crews will clean up the area and ensure the slope is stable, WSDOT said.

The Washington State Department of Transportation said crews worked Wednesday and overnight to clear the road and remove trees on Stevens Pass.

While Snoqualmie and Blewett Passes opened Sunday, crews are working to remove snow and ice from additional lanes, exit ramps, shoulders and rest areas.

Officials urge travelers to drive cautiously, saying a crash or spinout in any of the narrow sections could close the entire pass.

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