A handful of businesses near the site of Wednesday’s devastating blast opened Thursday, to gratitude and good spirits.

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Margaret Olsen, an employee of Greenwood’s Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, said business felt like a funeral in some ways after Wednesday’s explosion that leveled two nearby buildings and damaged dozens more.

In other ways, she said, the many people who stopped at the vegan cafe Thursday to show support for the business and others affected by the blast, are a testament to the community’s tenacity.

Now located across from a pile of debris — or what was Neptune Coffee, Mr. Gyros and a Quick Stop convenience store — Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe and a handful of nearby businesses were open into Thursday evening, serving a constant stream of customers in the area to survey the mess and offer support.

“The community is really coming together,” Olsen said. “It’s a sensitive time … but there’s also a sense of vibrancy.”

Cellphones in hand, some people walked along Greenwood Avenue North and North 85th Street simply to document the destruction.

But others were a bit more generous. Hundreds replied online to Naked City Brewery & Taphouse’s invitation for an “emergency fundraiser” Thursday.

At Razzis Pizzeria, neighborhood resident Janet Rayor said customers packed the place for a dinnertime meal. “And I know some of it is to gawk, but I know some of the people want to support the businesses,” she said.