After a pandemic-induced grace period, the time has come to pay all those parking, red light camera and traffic tickets you’ve been putting off.

Seattle Municipal Court is about to start charging late fees again after suspending them during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reintroduction of late fees will begin Jan. 30, 2023, said communications adviser Laura Bet in a news release. Over 295,000 tickets will be impacted if they remain unpaid, she said.

Drivers have until Jan. 30 to pay overdue tickets, sign up for the court’s payment or community service options or schedule a hearing to dispute a ticket. After that, late fees will go back into effect.

The court instated a moratorium on default penalties for past-due tickets and sending unpaid tickets to collections in March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic began. Late fees include $25 penalties on parking and camera tickets and $52 penalties for traffic violations.

Tickets can be paid online, in person at Seattle Municipal Court at 600 Fifth Avenue, or at a neighborhood customer service center. For more information, call the court’s customer service team, 206-684-5600.