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This selection of sketches may seem an unusual choice to wrap up my year.

They don’t show the outdoor Seattle locations I’m more often inclined to draw. Instead they show regular people in the privacy of their homes. A woman cooks dinner in her kitchen. A group of men has just sat down at the dinner table while burgers fry on the grill. Other people are buried in their laptops. One is practicing the Irish flute.

Behind these mundane situations lies a story that defined 2017 for many area residents in their late 20s and early 30s: finding a place to live in pricey Seattle.


Seattle Times news artist Gabriel Campanario has been capturing Seattle's places and people in hand-drawn sketches for more than a decade. To see past columns, visit the Seattle Sketcher home page. Prints, notecards and a book of Campanario’s sketches are available for sale through The Seattle Times store. You may also fill out an illustration request to order a specific image.

Although the people I portrayed can’t possibly speak for an entire generation of millennials who are trying to put down roots here, their stories should resonate with anyone who aspires to call the Seattle area home. To them, and to you, I wish the best of luck in 2018!

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