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Sketched May 7, 2012
I rarely make trees the focus of my drawings, but the centenarian Japanese maple in front of Seattle City Hall is not your average specimen. Think of it as a fine piece of public art.
The unusual tree, bigger and older than any other red-lace leaf maple you’d see around here, was brought to Seattle in the late 1990s by local landscape contractor David Ohashi. He found it in Portland and used a semitrailer escorted by pilot cars to get the oversized load up Interstate 5.
The tree drew oohs and aahs at a garden show and eventually caught the eye of then-mayor Paul Schell, who bought it for $35,000 and later raised private contributions to pay back the city.
Since it was installed at the new City Hall in 2003, Schell’s maple puts on a colorful show throughout the seasons, attracting downtown workers — and even this sketcher who doesn’t really like to draw trees.
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