The body of Mahamed Mohamud, a 15-year-old Seattle high school student, was found in Green Lake on Wednesday afternoon. His family says he had been missing since Monday. 

Seattle Fire Department said crews were dispatched around 3:15 p.m. to the Green Lake Evans Pool and Community Center, after a 911 caller described someone who was unconscious. The teen was pronounced dead once officials arrived, a Fire Department spokesperson said.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office identified Mohamud and said his death was accidental and due to asphyxiation from drowning. Seattle police are investigating the drowning and said nothing suspicious was found at the scene.

Family friend Qadro Mohamud, 31, who is unrelated, described Mohamud as a polite and kind student, who wouldn’t dare to arrive home even a minute late.

Qadro Mohamud said the teenager was last seen Monday, July 12. He had just finished volunteering at the Wallingford Boys & Girls Club and walked from home with his siblings to get ice cream.

Afterward, he told his siblings he was going to take the bus to the library and check out a book. Friends later said they ran into him while he was riding the bus and got off together, Qadro Mohamud said. The last time Mohamud was seen alive, she said, was around 5:30 p.m. as he was walking toward the Green Lake branch of the library.


When he didn’t return later that evening, the family called the police and started canvassing the neighborhood. Flyers with the boy’s face, his height and weight were put up all around the area. His mother stopped and talked to dozens of strangers, asking whether they had seen her son.

On Thursday afternoon, the family learned his body was found in Green Lake and have been left with more questions than answers.

He was wearing the clothes his friends and siblings had last seen him in: a neon orange T-shirt from the Wallingford Boys & Girls Club.

Qadro Mohamud said the family is shocked and confused by the circumstances of their son’s death. Since his body has been found, a community room in the family’s apartment building has been opened as a mourning space, she said.

Mohamud was the only boy and eldest of four siblings. He was a sophomore at Lincoln High School in Wallingford and wanted to be a doctor one day. His neighbors, teachers and friends adored him, said Fadumo Mohamud, 33, another friend of the family.

“Anybody who meets this kid automatically falls in love with him,” she said.


The family has been frustrated by the lack of information they’ve received from police, she said. A Seattle police investigator was in the boy’s room when his father received a call from a stranger, saying a body was found in Green Lake that matched the flyers.

“We just want to know what they know,” Qadro Mohamud said. “His mom can’t ever get closure until she knows what happened, who did this.”

On Friday afternoon, a GoFundMe page for the family had raised over $40,000 from nearly 600 donors.

Staff reporter Elise Takahama contributed to this report.