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Let’s call 2015 the Year of the Crane.

Construction equipment is everywhere you look. And no sooner is an old building demolished, then another, much taller one replaces it.

I watched an entire block disappear downtown when the old Greyhound bus station was demolished back in September. In South Lake Union, I put on a hard hat to tour a new office tower that dwarfs the charming Row House Cafe still standing across the street.

All these changes are affecting many aspects of life in Pugetopolis. Commuting, for example, is one I experience on a daily basis. My bus trip down Interstate 5 seems to get more crowded and take longer every year.

Some suburban and city dwellers seem to be finding creative ways to get to work. Take Kirkland resident Doug Ichikawa, who kayaks across Lake Washington several days a week when the weather cooperates. Or Capitol Hill resident Ryan PackerCQ, who hops on a Pronto bike.

I can’t predict a name for 2016, but the optimist in me hopes the year will introduce me to more places where Seattle’s flavor isn’t lost, and to more inspiring people who make the best out of life in this booming region.