Hamilton, a rural town of 300 people along the Skagit River, has regularly flooded since its founding. Now, with the help of Seattle-based nonprofit Forterra, the mayor hopes to relocate the town to higher ground. (Lauren Frohne / The Seattle Times)

Floods have ravaged Hamilton for over a century. Can outsiders persuade the town to move?

The Skagit County town of Hamilton, where floodwaters pour in regularly, has considered moving for decades. Now outsiders from Seattle are pitching bold plan to create a new American town, with little-to-no emissions or waste.  WATCH

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As states pass restrictive abortion laws, questions surface

ATLANTA (AP) — As multiple states pass laws banning many abortions, questions have surfaced about what exactly that means for women who might seek an abortion. The short answer: nothing yet. Governors in Kentucky , Mississippi , Ohio and Georgia have recently approved bans on abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can happen...  VIEW