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Project Homeless is a new Seattle Times initiative that explores and explains the region’s complex, troubling problem of homelessness. With strong watchdog reporting and vivid storytelling, Project Homeless seeks to spotlight what is working, and what is not working, in responding to homelessness. We will also feature solutions-oriented reporting from elsewhere in the country.


A new Greek leader wants people to obey a public smoking ban – for real, this time

ATHENS - Greeks, banned from smoking in nearly all public places, smoke in most of those places nonetheless.They smoke inside police stations and government buildings. They smoke in sports arenas. They smoke in family restaurants and late-night bars. They smoke at the music venue where Maria Pavlopoulou - a cancer survivor who has puffed her...


Communities search for ways to live with growing fire threat

SHINGLETOWN, Calif. (AP) — Unless it's Sunday, Kelly Loew is steering her rusty red Jeep down the same mail route in Shingletown, as she has six days a week for the last seven years. But she delivers less mail these days as California's persistent wildfires drive residents away. Last year, California experienced its deadliest and...  VIEW