A driver crashed into a Renton restaurant seriously injuring at least eight people Friday evening, authorities say.

The people injured in the crash at Plum Delicious, 3212 Northeast Sunset Boulevard, were were taken to local hospitals, Renton Firefighters said. Renton police are investigating.

Gary Johnson, the longtime owner of the family-owned diner, said he was at his Maple Valley home when he received a phone call with the news that a car had crashed into the restaurant and people were hurt. He jumped in the car and sped to the scene.

Johnson, 67, has worked in restaurants since he was a teenager. He’d never seen anything like this before.

One employee got stitches, Johnson said when reached by phone Saturday. No other details were immediately known.

“Thoughts and prayers to the people who got hurt,” Johnson said.

Johnson has since been able to board up some of the damage, but he won’t be able to have the restaurant fully assessed until after the holiday weekend.

Police could not be reached early Saturday for updates.

Staff reporter Sydney Brownstone contributed to this report.