Seven Marysville Middle School students have been expelled or suspended after allegedly assaulting a female classmate on a school bus last week.

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Four Marysville Middle School students have been expelled and three more suspended after allegedly assaulting a classmate on a school bus on the way to school last week.

Gail Miller, assistant superintendent for the Marysville School District, said police are investigating the incident as assault with sexual intent. The seven students who have been expelled or suspended are boys aged 11 to 15; the victim is a 13-year-old girl.

“The young girl involved was not physically injured, but it was a very serious incident,” Miller said. “We’re very disappointed and alarmed that this has occurred at all.”

The incident was on March 1, and the victim reported it to school officials the next day.

Miller said the school administration and the victim’s family are working to keep her safe and develop a plan for her care. She was in school this week.

Marysville police told The (Everett) Herald that the alleged assault was recorded by the bus surveillance camera, but the bus driver couldn’t see what happened. Police did not respond to requests for comment Friday.

However, Miller said other students witnessed what happened. The bus wasn’t full at the time, she said. In a Friday news release, the district said the bus driver’s role is being investigated, too.

After the girl came forward, the school emergency-expelled the boys involved, which kicked them off school grounds until the district could review exactly what happened.

Though it initially reported six boys were involved, the district later revised that number to seven.

On Thursday, the school made its final disciplinary decisions to expel four boys and suspend three until the end of the year.

Miller said Marysville has been aggressively advocating against bullying, harassment and intimidation this year, and said the incident was especially disappointing in light of that effort.

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