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Seattle Times staff

Lacey police questioned two shooting victims in an attempt to learn the identity of a man who shot two men and killed a third at a Lacey home this morning.

A K-9 unit was searching for evidence that may have been left by the suspect, who is believed to have left the scene on foot.

Lacy Police Cmdr. Jim Mack said the suspect, identified by the two surviving victims only by his initials, was a guest in the home where the shooting occurred. He did not say what the man’s initials were.

The two surviving victims were able to flee the house and reach the home of a neighbor, who called 911. The third shooting victim remained in the house and was killed.

The wounded men were taken to Providence St. Peters Hospital in Olympia, where they were questioned by detectives. Their medical condition was not immediately known.

Two other men were arrested at a home several blocks away after it was surrounded by a SWAT team. Police said they found evidence of a burglary unrelated to the shooting.

“At this time we don’t believe they were involved in the crime as shooters but those two people might have been at the home before the shooting occurred,” Mack said.

The shooting occurred in a home in the 5900 block of Daniel Loop Southeast, and the two men were arrested in the 5900 block of Stockton Street Southeast.

Ryan Thomas, 18, said his best friend lives next door to the house where the shooting occurred. “I’m there quite a bit and there’s a lot of cars coming in and out,” he said.

Lacey Cmdr. Jim Mack told The Olympian newspaper there were unconfirmed reports about the victims’ wounds: one was reported to have been shot in the chest, another below the waist and the third shot in the head.

State Patrol spokesman Trooper Guy Gill said that they are assisting with the investigation. He said that a State Patrol aircraft was brought in to search for a suspect and that troopers are on the street assisting.

Eight North Thurston schools were locked down Monday morning: Chambers Prairie Elementary, Horizons Elementary, Lakes, Mountain View Elementary, Woodland Elementary, Aspire Middle School, Komachin Middle School and Timberline High School.

“There was reportedly a shooting in a neighborhood, Pattison Lake, near one of our schools,” said Courtney Schrieve, spokeswoman for North Thurston Public Schools. She believes the shooting was near Chambers Prarie and Aspire Middle School.

“We shut down all of the schools in that zone as a precaution,” Schrieve said.