Zoogoers can now view the three Canada lynx who arrived in Seattle last year.

Named Yukon, Monty and Marty, the lynx live in a new facility in Woodland Park Zoo’s Living Northwest Trail. The public can expect to see the 3-year-olds moving throughout their habitat.

Lynx live in high elevations of forests across northern North America and globally have a low risk of extinction, the zoo said. They’re endangered in Washington, however, with a population of fewer than 50 almost entirely in Okanogan County, according to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Lynx trapping has been prohibited since 1991.

Snowshoe hares are their primary diet, according to the WDFW, so they rely on a plentiful snowpack to forage in deep snow and are highly vulnerable to climate change.

Tracking WA 2022-23 snowpack through maps and charts

Woodland Park Zoo and its partners are studying lynx to help recover their populations in Washington state.

All three Canada lynx came to Seattle last year from around the U.S. Yukon came from Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo, Monty from Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and Marty from Minnesota Zoo.

How can you tell the difference between the three cats? Yukon is the smallest and browner, while Marty and Monty are gray. Monty and Marty look similar, but Monty has a bright white toe on his left rear foot.