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Following the Year of the Crane, what will 2016 shape up to be?

One thing we can probably count on, commuting isn’t likely to get any easier. My first bus ride of the year was standing-room only, as I can prove to you with this sketch hastily drawn from the aisle of my Sound Transit bus. I know, I know. Buses are designed to carry people standing, but aren’t crowded buses a sign that the system is nearing capacity?

If you are interested in sharing your commuting story, whether you walk, bike, bus, kayak, unicycle or whatever it is that you do to get to work, contact me via Facebook or email. I’d like to continue portraying our commuting lifestyle in the months to come.

About the sketch: Lines drawn on a 3.5″ x 5″ Moleskine notebook. Color added to a copy of the sketch printed on regular printer paper.