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Two level-three sex offenders are taking classes during winter quarter at the University of Washington, prompting the school to send an email notification to all students, faculty and staff at the Seattle campus on Thursday.

Spokesman Norm Arkans said he believes it is the first time the UW has ever sent a campuswide public email notice about a sex offender attending classes there.

James Cavitt, 47, was convicted of child molestation in 2004, and Daniel McInally, 42, was convicted of second-degree rape of a child in 2003.

Both men are enrolled as undergraduates, Arkans said. He said the university has worked to map out their class schedules and make sure there are no minor students in any of their classes.

“We sat down with them, and worked out a plan,” he said.

“It’s obviously unusual and challenging,” Arkans added. “They served their sentences, and they decided they wanted to get an education.”

Arkans described the situation as a “difficult social issue.” He said the university did not think it could deny the men an education.

“Having been through the justice system, do they not have access (to education) as citizens?” he asked.

It is a very rare occurrence for a sex offender to gain admittance and enroll in classes at the UW, Arkans said. “They are few and far between.”

Both men are under the supervision of the State Department of Education.

“We’re monitoring and watching and staying in touch,” Arkans said.

Neither man lives near campus. Both have addresses in South Seattle.