A couple from Bellingham are among those missing in Nepal after Saturday’s devastating earthquake, family members said Sunday.

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A couple from Bellingham is among those missing in Nepal after Saturday’s devastating earthquake, a family member said Sunday.

Doreen Richmond, 57, and Jim Lane, 56, both from Bellingham, are on a three-month trek through Nepal and haven’t contacted family members since the earthquake, said Richmond’s sister, Katherine Glubiak, of Commack, NY.


In quake-hit Nepal, searchers struggle to recover the dead

The couple, who have been married 25 years, started in Kanchenjunga and were planning to stop in Makalu, on the border between Nepal and Tibet. They had talked of stopping at the Mount Everest base camp.

Others have also struggled to reach loved ones traveling in Nepal.

Tim Davenport said his brother, Ballard resident Greg Davenport, had just started a trek with two friends through Langtang National Park earlier this week. Family members were unable to contact them after the earthquake.

On Sunday night, word finally came from the group: One of them has a broken leg, but they are otherwise OK and making their way back to Kathmandu, Davenport said.

Greg Davenport, 50, was in the middle of a seven-month trip through Asia. He was recently joined by two others, brothers Jim and Vance Watt. Vance lives in Denver while Jim lives in San Diego, said Tim Davenport said.

Langtang National Park covers a broad area north of Kathmandu. The area’s rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery attract tourists from around the world.

In posts on social media and other media outlets, families elsewhere also said they were looking to connect with those who had embarked on Langtang treks.