Space Needle crews opened the capsule as journalists and others looked on. Out came several curious items, including a master key to all Needle locks.

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Some 35 years ago, a time capsule was lodged in a beam on the Space Needle’s observation deck. But capsule creators forgot where they put it. The metallic rectangle was discovered this week during renovation — dubbed “spacelift” — of the Seattle landmark. On Friday morning, the capsule was extracted. On its front was a sketch of the Needle by Seattle architect John Graham, who is credited with designing it. Construction workers Roger Grahn and Blake Krueger removed six bolts and opened the 1982 space capsule for photographers and newscasters. Inside? Menus, $1.50 tickets to the observation deck, art from the 1962 World’s Fair, letters from employees, matches, photos, drawings and the master key to all the Space Needle’s locks.