Project Homeless is a new Seattle Times initiative that explores and explains the region’s complex, troubling problem of homelessness. With strong watchdog reporting and vivid storytelling, Project Homeless seeks to spotlight what is working, and what is not working, in responding to homelessness. We will also feature solutions-oriented reporting from elsewhere in the country.

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Oregon girl accused of making false report of school threat

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A 14-year-old girl who reported a possible threat of violence at an Oregon school has been charged with disorderly conduct and initiating a false report. Lt. Daniel Duncan of the Corvallis Police Department says the student was arrested Thursday afternoon and taken to a juvenile detention center. The Corvallis School District reported...

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Education Lab is a Seattle Times project that spotlights promising approaches to some of the most persistent challenges in public education.


Seychelles swaps debt for groundbreaking marine protection

CURIEUSE ISLAND, Seychelles (AP) — With deep blue waters, white sand beaches and rich marine life, the tiny island nation of the Seychelles is announcing a pioneering marine conservation plan as part of a debt swap deal with creditors. In an agreement described as the first of its kind, the Indian Ocean nation popular with...  VIEW