Print Replica App FAQs

Print Replica is available exclusively to Seattle Times subscribers. It’s an exact digital copy of the printed newspaper that can be viewed, printed or downloaded from any device. In July 2020, we introduced a new Print Replica app for Android devices, iPads and, for the first time ever, iPhones. We also introduced a new web version of Print Replica that works on all your devices. The following FAQs will familiarize you with what’s new and answer some common questions. We hope you enjoy the new apps.


Q: Can I print from the mobile app?
A: Yes. If you have a printer with Bluetooth, use the Print icon at the top of a page or article and follow the steps you normally use to print. You can print the page you are on in both the Home and Page views. You can choose a range of pages to print in Article view.

Q: How do I bookmark (or save) a page or article to read later?
A: To bookmark a page or an article, tap the bookmark icon in the top menu. The icon will turn dark. Tap again to remove the bookmark. The pages or articles you have bookmarked will appear in My Content, found on the Home view bottom menu, where you can view or remove them.

app bookmark


Q: How do I download an edition to read offline?
A: Navigate to the Home view if you're not there already. Tap the download icon that appears on the lower right of the edition. When your selection has finished downloading, the icon changes to a trash can that lets you delete the download. Your downloads will be saved in the Print Replica app under My Content. This allows you to read the paper when you are offline (while camping, traveling, etc.).

app download icons


Q: Can I share an article?
A: Yes. Select the Share icon on the top menu and follow the normal share process for your device.


With the all-new mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can now:

  • Read and search back through a 90-day archive
  • Enjoy a larger reading space on Android devices, thanks to fewer ads
  • Print different parts of the paper
  • Bookmark and save pages to read later
  • Download editions to read offline
  • Read via your iPhone



App store


Google Play

To get the new version, update your Print Replica app following your usual app update process. If automatic updates are turned on for your device, you shouldn’t have to do anything.


There are three views to be aware of within the app: Home, Page and Article.

Home view

  • View “Previous Editions” by scrolling down the page
  • Access global features like My Content, Search and Settings in the bottom menu. Try each to explore your options.
  • Tap “Paper” in the bottom menu to return to the Home view main screen
  • Tap on the front-page image to open that edition in Page view

Home view


Page view

  • Swipe to view pages
  • Show the Page Browser by tapping the page number on the bottom bar to choose a new section or page
  • Share, download and print from the top menu
  • Tap on an article to view

Page view


Article view 

  • Swipe left or right on the article area or tap “Previous” and “Next” on the bottom bar to navigate through articles
  • Show the Article Browser by tapping the page number on the bottom bar to choose a new section or article
  • Resize your text with the tool [ A ] in the top menu
  • Use the back arrow in the top left to navigate back through the various views

Article view


Q: How do I view a single article?
A: In Page view, tap on the article. It will open in Article view. You can swipe through articles to navigate, or open the article browser by tapping the page number in the bottom bar to see a menu of articles.

Q: How do I zoom in and out on the screen?
A: Use a “pinch to zoom” gesture on your touchscreen to enlarge or reduce the content on the screen. In Article view, you can use the font tool [ A ] to adjust the text size.

Q: I’m not seeing today’s newspaper edition in my app. How can I get today’s edition?
A: Pull down on the home screen, which brings up a refresh icon and refreshes the app with the latest content.

refresh your app


Q: How do I view two pages at a time?
A: Use the two-page icon at the top of the page. If you don’t see it, turn your device horizontally to the landscape position. The two-page icon should now appear at the top. This will work for most devices depending on the screen size. Tap the icon to switch between single and double pages.

app 1 and 2 page view tool



Q: How do I get to a section?
A: You can get to a new section from the Page Browser or Article Browser menus. To access, tap the page number in the bottom bar on a page or article. This opens the Page Browser or Article Browser, depending on where you are in the app. Swipe through the section labels then tap on a section. When you close the Page or Article Browser, the content from the section you selected will appear.

app page browser


Q: How do I choose another edition?
A: Navigate to the Home view. If you are on a page or article, use the back arrow on the top left of the screen. Once in the Home view, select “Paper” in the bottom menu if you are not already on it, and then scroll down the page to find a selection of previous editions.

previous edition


Q: How do I get to My Content, Search or Settings from a page or article?
A: Use the top left arrow to move back through the three views. For example, if you are on an article, tap the arrow twice to get to the Home view with the global menu featuring My Content, Search and Settings or to view Previous Editions by scrolling down the page.


Q: Can I set up the app so it only uses Wi-Fi?
A: Yes. Go to Settings on the Home view menu. Make sure App Settings is selected at the top. Open the Mobile Usage tab. On the Mobile Data section at the top, select the toggle button to turn it from a blue line to white. White is off; blue is on.

Q: Can I change my email address or password in the app?
A: No. Changes to your account information must be made in the My Account section on from the Manage Subscriptions page. You can also update your password here


Q: What devices are supported? Can I use the app on my phone?
The Seattle Times Print Replica app is designed for Android tablets and phones, iPads and, for the first time ever, iPhones. For Apple devices, you must be using iOS version 11 or above. For Android devices, you need version 4.4 or above.

Q: What if my device is not supported?
A: You can always use the Print Replica web (HTML5) version with any web browser on any device. You can add an icon for the Print Replica web version to your device’s home screen so that you can easily open it like any app. See directions from HowToGeek. We plan to update our new app to support iOS versions 9 and 10, so be on the lookout for app updates.

Q: Where do I download the app? 
A: To use the Print Replica on your tablet, iPad or smartphone, use the link for either Android or iOS, depending on your device:

Download the app for Android devices (tablet and phone)


Google Play

Download the app for iOS (iPhones and iPads)


App Store

Q: If I already have the app, how do I get the new version?
A: To get the new version, update your Print Replica app following your usual app update process. If automatic updates are turned on for your device, you shouldn’t have to do anything.


Q: How do I log in to the app?
A: The Print Replica apps are for subscribers only, so you will need to log in with your subscriber account. If you forgot your password, reset your password here. If you are a print subscriber but have not set up your subscriber login, link your accounts or follow the steps in the tutorial, "How to create a new digital subscriber account."

Q: I use my Facebook or Google social login to access my Seattle Times subscription. I don’t see those as login options for the app. What do I do?
A: At this time, the Print Replica app does not support logging in with Google or Facebook. You can log in using the email address you use for Google or Facebook with your Seattle Times password. If you don’t have a password for that email (or have forgotten it), create or reset your password. Use this email and password to log in to Print Replica or any Seattle Times digital products.


We’ve also recently upgraded the desktop and mobile Print Replica experience so it is viewable on any web browser; you can explore that here. If you have questions, please see our FAQ for desktop and mobile.


If you need more help or would like to give us feedback, please call customer service at 206.624.7323 or 888.624.7323 or contact us.