Photographer Alan Berner recalls photographing campers on South Whidbey Island State Park.

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This photo appeared with a story in The Seattle Times’ Sunday Pacific magazine about taking kids camping.

Staff photographer Alan Berner recalled a few things about the assignment.

He said it meant finding a campsite where families were spending time, and then finding a family that didn’t mind being in the newspaper.

“It means spending time with them so they get used to me being there and working toward some genuine moment. Here, that happens with the football on the son’s head, and Mom, Dad and another sibling focused on him,” Berner said

“I spent a lot of time there for this moment, and knew the welcome was worn out when one of the children asked, ‘When is he going to leave?’”

Knowing that he captured the moment he needed, the photographer left the scene.

Postcards from the Past is an occasional feature, highlighting the history of the Pacific Northwest. The images are from The Seattle Times archive.

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