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The Mount Calvary Christian Center choir belts it out during rehearsal. Music is half of the Sunday services.

There are three requirements to be in the Mount Calvary Christian Center choir.

You have to be a member of the church.

You have to have a personal relationship with God.

You have to be able to sing.

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Executive music director DaNell Daymon says, “We want people with a good heart.” He and the others can “cultivate music potential.”

It takes hard work and dedication, with long practices because half the Sunday services are devoted to music.

The goal is to have one voice ringing out from more than two dozen singers.

It’s call-and-response as Daymon shouts out the words to a new song:

“Have faith.”

“Be strong.”

“Hold on.”


Johnny Murray, leading this rehearsal, is moved to dance during song. Murray is the assistant minister of music.

Sopranos to the left, tenors in the middle and altos on the right fill the sanctuary with their response backed by keyboards, drums and guitar.

Phil Curry on keyboards says, “It’s a little choir that makes big music.”

The church has been in existence 26 years and with a choir since the beginning.

Services are open to all. Daymon says, “It brings families together.”

The goal “is to bring the brilliance out of each individual.”