Reader’s Lens | A reader helps us see the Enchantments in a new light

Mark Erskine	
Seattle, WA	
Enchantments near Leavenworth WA	
This picture was taken during a recent backpacking trip in the Enchantments near Leavenworth, WA. I was relaxing and taking in the magnificent scenery just outside my tent when the sky turned this incredible reddish pink. The sun was setting, and clouds were building up on the horizon. It was getting fairly dark, so I needed to slow the shutter way down. Since I didn’t have a tripod, I simply created a rock-pod. The shutter was wide enough to narrow the depth of field, putting the rocks out of focus. No Photoshop effects used. Sony DSC-RX100M3.  22mm, ISO 400, 1/50th of sec, f 2.8.

With a name like the Enchantments, overexposure is inevitable. The antidote? Smart framing and a slow shutter speed.

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