At Woodland Park Zoo, a new roof from ‘the oldest roofing known’

Twenty-five hundred bundles of grasses, “the oldest roofing known,” are being installed on this thatch roof in the Woodland Park Zoo’s African Village, says Val Deer, owner of the company doing the work.  Ben Megar, harnessed up, tamps a bundle in place.  Deer travels to South Africa to select the grasses used.  He’s third-generation in the business and says it’s also the most prevalent roofing material on the globe.  This project is a redo of the original roof installed in 2001.  The African Village will reopen sometime in May.  The grasses used are known for their insulating properties.  Thatch roofs are considered the most common in the world because of the availability of grasses and leaves, straw and reeds.

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Tuesday April 17, 2018  LO

The thatched-roof project in the African Village replaces the original roof installed in 2001. The village will reopen sometime in May.  VIEW

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