Sam, a 28-year-old siamang, recently joined another siamang at the zoo in Seattle.

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Sam came to Seattle in June from the Los Angeles Zoo.

He is the new partner for the zoos’ female siamang Briony (bri-o-nee).

Since Sam’s arrival, he was recently introduced to his new indoor exhibit and to Briony.

“Once we could see that Sam and Briony were getting along and he was familiar with the inside exhibit, we introduced Sam, with Briony, to the outside island exhibit, ” said Collection Manager Pat Owen.

Sam was born at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina.

He was moved to the Los Angeles zoo when he was a year old.

He was brought to Woodland Park Zoo after the zoo’s elderly male siamang, Simon, died last year.

Siamangs are also known as singing apes and can be heard up to 3 miles away.

According to a Woodland Park Zoo press release the apes are native to the island of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula.