Original units in Seattle’s first publicly subsidized housing project are being rebuilt into 5,000 apartment units for mixed-income tenants.

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Old homes in Seattle’s  Yesler Terrace are demolished Wednesday to make way for Vulcan Real Estate’s mixed-use projects bordering Yesler Way, Boren Avenue, Broadway and Fir Street.

Yesler Terrace was the city’s first publicly subsidized housing, which was developed in the 1940s by the Seattle Housing Authority. Since redevelopment started in 2013, the original 561 units in the neighborhood are being rebuilt into 5,000 apartment units for mixed-income tenants, with retail, parks and other amenities.

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As plans are being drawn for the future of Yesler Terrace, Kristin O’Donnell reflects on what could be lost in the redevelopment of the subsidized housing neighborhood. O’Donnell has been a Yesler Terrace resident for over 30 years.

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