In Seattle, a vibrant and diverse hip-hop dance culture thrives with competitions. This weekend, Seattle will host another highly-anticipated b-boy event.

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Compared to other elements of hip-hop, b-boying (also known as breaking, or as it’s more commonly known, breakdancing) may have faded into relative obscurity after its surge in the 1980s. But it didn’t die off completely. Instead, it went underground: B-boys and b-girls kept the music and dance traditions alive through informal competitions, shared VHS/DVD footage and community-center practice sessions. Today, in an era of YouTube and Facebook, it’s easier than ever for the breaking community to connect and strengthen itself.

Here in Seattle, a vibrant and diverse hip-hop dance culture has survived, and the biggest battle of the year is Massive Monkees Day, run by the crew of the same name. B-boys and b-girls from the Northwest and beyond, as far away as France and Japan, enjoy great music from the region’s best DJs and compete for cash prizes in hotly-contested face-offs.


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Among those entering last month’s battle were members of Seattle’s own Art of Movement crew – Tony “Dial Tone” Orduna, Junior Orduna and Chase “Cha Cha” Malone – who struggled through a field of more than 20 other groups from around the world in the hopes of representing their hometown in the finals on The Showbox stage. Watch our video, “Breakin’,” to follow the journey.

This weekend, Seattle will host another highly-anticipated b-boy event, as the Them Team crew – members of whom are also featured in the video – celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Q Nightclub, May 9 from 2-8 p.m. DJs from D.C., L.A. and Seattle will be spinning for the battles, which will hand a $2,000 top prize to the winning two-person crew.