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It’s a space odyssey of sorts in a 7 and a half foot by 5 and a half foot pod–an inner space journey.

Filled with 200 gallons of water saturated with more than a half-ton of Epsom salts, the water in the float-enclosure is far denser than that of the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake, giving great buoyancy.

This journey is one of sensory deprivation on a one-hour trip to de-stress.

Veronica Malachowski is a veteran of more than 50 floats.

It’s a perk of employment at Urban Float in Fremont. She says the “Ah-Ha moment, this is awesome, I felt infinite” came on float number 3.

She says you can “hear your own heart rhythm and you can hear your own blood flow through your veins.”

There can be total silence or soft music.

The float is to reduce the sensory stimulation people are bombarded with every day.

Malachowski starts a silent count at one “until you’re kind of dreaming.”

Tami Gibson has done almost four dozen floats and says, “I don’t think I was asleep but I don’t think I was awake.” She says she needs less sleep and has better sleep quality.

The pod door can be left open or closed. There’s a lighting choice of blue or a rotating rainbow spectrum within the enclosure, or total darkness. The water is skin temperature, 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let your spine stretch out, don’t flex a single muscle and take the weight off your frame.

Gibson says, “you haven’t felt this sensation since you were in the womb.”