Riding Off Into the Sunrise
A dusty trail in Kettle Falls takes on a sensory, cinematic atmosphere

Photographer: Lisa Farin

Photo taken: July 28, 2022, at Bull Hill Guest Ranch, Kettle Falls, Stevens County

Photographer’s description: “An early morning ride on a dusty trail. Taken with an iPhone 10.”

Critique: “What a fun photo. This is one of those pictures that puts the viewer right in the moment — you can practically hear the clip-clop of the hooves along the trail. In addition to the moment, this is quite nicely composed. I like the perspective from atop the photographer’s steed; the rider ahead is framed beautifully; and the trusty pooch is a great touch. But I think my favorite thing overall is the old-timey feel we get from the combination of the bright sun, the lens flare and the dust. It all combines for a cinematic-looking scene. Thanks for sharing!”

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