Photographer: Rajat Chamria

Photo taken: Oct. 3, 2020, Marina Park Pavilion, Kirkland

Photographer’s description: “The beginning of fall season in PNW brought some really dense foggy mornings. Fog might be considered bad for landscape photography by some, but it actually creates unique opportunities to get these kind of special images. Fog hides a lot of clutter and helps you achieve the minimalist look in your photography. That’s exactly what I did here in this image that I took at Kirkland waterfront (Marina Park Pavilion). I wanted to use the fog to create an infinite nothingness into which the pier extends. Kirkland’s waterfront has an array of beach parks, with a variety of piers extending into the water. I chose this particular pier as it is made of wood, which contrasts nicely with the white sheet of fog. I arrived there and set up my camera and waited for the fog to be the perfect amount, to create that nothingness, and then goes the shutter. Perfect in my eyes! Camera: Sony A7R3.”

Critique: “This is a beautiful image with a peaceful and contemplative feel about it. The light and color are exceptional, and I love how the horizon is nearly imperceptible. The contrast of the rough dock against the smooth, foggy water is interesting, as well. Thanks for making this photo and sharing it with us!”

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