This story came from our personal lives and discussions around the newsroom.

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Last year, photographer Erika Schultz and I met a woman who was so sure she wanted to be a mom that she embarked on a long and complicated journey to get there. It got the two of us — both career-oriented women in our 30s — thinking and talking about the concept of knowing or not knowing and the choice of motherhood in our own lives. Along with reporter Rachel Lerman, we deepened our exploration of this question in our recent Pacific NW Magazine story, “The Mom question.”

In part, this story has been an investigation for us. Talking with other women about their decision-making processes and the outcomes of their decisions — or indecision — has helped us expand our own outlooks on this issue. Working on this story has given me a more nuanced perspective, though not any less complex.

We realize this story doesn’t fully represent all possible parenthood perspectives — we chose to focus on career-focused women, ages 25-40, like ourselves. We hope it can provide space for commonalities or perspectives for other women, and anyone figuring out how parenthood might play a role in their lives.

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