For some people (not to mention names, but Pacific NW staff writer Ron Judd), it’s many hours in a shed, painstakingly restoring decades-old gas lanterns. Something about the whoosh and warmth, he says, takes him back to his childhood — and takes his mind off the troubled state of the world. For others? That’s where you come in.

We’re talking of course about nostalgia, something in which more and more of us seem to be engaging. For Pacific NW residents, this lunging back to embrace a simpler, more controllable past is multilayered: Many of us were partway down the path even before the pandemic, thanks — or no thanks — to the rapid pace of change in the region on its own accord. The stay-home edicts of the pandemic seem to have added another layer of throwback-ism to our social norms. Aside from the obvious and well-explored reembraced past times of baking and camping and jigsaw-puzzling and even paint-by-numbers, we’re convinced many of you have developed or reinvented your own nostalgic habits over the past year — some with distinctly local flavor.

Feel free to pass them along to us for a piece that explores the subject of immersing ourselves in nostalgia, and asks whether it’s healthy, or borderline retrenchment. Pass along notes on your own longings, hobbies or thoughts on the subject to Judd at or fill out the form below.