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THE LIGHT in your home can make all the difference. Add a soothing, colorful glow and beautiful designs to your room with antique stained-glass windows.

They can range from large and extremely intricate, such as a church window, to more simple and elegant.

These Frank Lloyd Wright-style windows, for sale at Earthwise Architectural Salvage in Sodo, are from 1904. Two matching pairs have different color schemes, one with red and blue, the other yellow and purple.

Earthwise got the windows when a South Park man decided to rent out his home after living there for 25 years, according to Earthwise director Kadence Englehardt. Rather than risk the windows being broken by renters, the man brought them to the salvage shop to ensure their safety.

Now they are available to be admired and pampered in a different home. Remodeling your Craftsman-style bungalow? Fit these in. Or, ease the installation process and set them inside another window to get the look and light without the hassle.

These specific windows are sold individually for $495 each and measure 42½ inches tall by 30½ inches wide. But Earthwise tries to keep similar windows in stock regularly, Englehardt said. Prices can range from $75 for a 2-foot square to a much more intricate and large piece for $1,500.

To see more stained-glass windows from Earthwise, visit the website at

Paige Collins is a Seattle Times features producer. Contact her at or on Twitter @PaigeBCollins. Greg Gilbert is a Times staff photographer.