THE NORTHGATE light rail station, which is scheduled to open Oct. 2, resembles similar elevated depots at Sea-Tac and Tukwila. Towering concrete pillars support the tracks leading to the station, which rises several stories above the ground.

I struggled to find a viewpoint that would encompass the sheer size of the infrastructure. Eventually, I settled on this angle looking north from Northeast 100th Street because it also shows the construction progress on the pedestrian overpass that will provide access to North Seattle College and the Licton Springs neighborhood on the other side of I-5.

If you have driven past Northgate lately, you’ve already noticed how much the landscape has changed around here in recent years — from the partial demolition of the mall to the construction of light rail. But nothing makes the transformation feel more real than taking a stroll on foot.

On two of the three afternoons I came to work on this sketch, a man showed up to take stock of the construction progress — that’s him on the right-hand side of my sketch. I bet we’re both looking forward to seeing those trains pull up to the station this fall.