Dreux Dillingham led the way into the industry, followed by his brother, Dain. After Dain suffered a spinal-cord injury, the brothers moved to Seattle and opened their winery.

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BROTHERLY LOVE has created a new winery, and one of the most heartwarming stories in Washington wine country.

Dreux Dillingham and his brother, Dain, own Carter Lamour, a Seattle-based winery.

Dreux grew up around agriculture in Kansas, came to Seattle for a visit, fell in love with the city and stayed. He became enamored with wine on a trip to Europe that included visits to Italy and Spain. Fueled with passion, he moved to Walla Walla a decade ago to enter Walla Walla Community College’s vaunted winemaking program.

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Carter Lamour 2012 chardonnay, Columbia Valley, $30: An exhilarating example of chardonnay, with aromas and flavors of rich butterscotch, Spanish almonds, dried pineapple and buttered toast. A beautiful, reserve-style wine with ample acidity.

His degree brought him the opportunity to work at such wineries as Stephenson Cellars, Otis Kenyon and Russell Creek before getting a job in the budding Lake Chelan wine industry.

Dain, six years younger, saw his brother’s growing success in the wine industry, including the joy it brought, and decided to follow his lead. He started with working a harvest in Walla Walla, and that turned into a permanent job at a custom-crush facility. His career was taking off when tragedy struck.

It was just before harvest 2013, and Dain was in Seattle celebrating his 28th birthday. A group was on the roof of a friend’s house, enjoying a spectacular view of the city. Dain was on top of the world, settling into a great career. He took a step forward for a better view. He stumbled, fell off the roof and landed 10 feet below with a broken neck. From that point forward, he’s been a quadriplegic.

Dreux immediately realized his brother was more important than anything else. After all, blood is thicker than wine. So he stepped away from the wine industry, moved back to Seattle, became a home-health aide, and took over his brother’s care and needs.

The brothers were close before, and now they are closer than ever. Dain had to learn to trust someone else to take care of him. Who better to trust than a sibling?

But like a Siren’s song, the wine industry beckoned to the brothers and their combined 12 years in the business.

Thus, Carter Lamour was born. Carter is Dain’s middle name, and Lamour is Dreux’s.

Though Dain continues to get better by the month — with sensations finally beginning to return — his role in the winery will focus on handling point of sale at the eventual tasting room, posting on social media and involvement in blending trials. The brothers’ first release is made through a collaboration of top Walla Walla winemakers. A Bordeaux-style blend is forthcoming.

The wines can be found online and in wine shops around Seattle.