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IT’S THAT TIME of year again. The sun has teased us with a few blissful days, and we’re looking forward to warm afternoons in the fresh air. Time to spruce up our gardens.

Add some charm to your yard with lean-to planters made from refurbished goods. The RE Store’s outreach and marketing manager, Bray Hayden, suggests perusing their selection of materials to create a piece that fits your style and space.

One style of lean-to planters can be made out of 100-year-old cedar rain gutters from old Seattle-area homes. The store keeps the gutters in stock, and they can be cut to fit the length you need, costing about $5 per lineal foot. This already-built and planted version is on sale for $75.

Looking for a solution for slightly bigger plants? Check out the RE Store’s selection of salvaged drawers, add wood for side supports and create a fun planter that way. Mix and match styles of door knobs and paint colors to go with the feel of your home.

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Find it: The RE Store, 1440 N.W. 52nd St., in Seattle; online at

Paige Collins is a Seattle Times news producer.