Plus 12 more you absolutely should try.

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Little Uncle on Capitol Hill: The nuanced, superlative Thai food served in this busy, cheery room got Little Uncle’s name on Bon Appétit’s top 50 best new restaurants list. (1523 E. Madison St. No. 101, Seattle; 206-549-6507,

Saboteur Bakery in Bremerton: The secret of this excellent Navy-town spot is that the baker was formerly the pastry chef of two Michelin-starred restaurants. (2110 E. 11th St., Bremerton;

Xi’an Noodles in the University District: The owner studied noodle-making in the Shaanxi province to get her biang biang just right, and they are superb. (5259 University Way N.E., Seattle; 206-522-8888,

Pacific Northwest magazine: Dining Out

Sixth Avenue Eats in South Lake Union: On a middle-of-nowhere corner, this family-run place makes big, beautiful, messy sandwiches and extremely good dressed fries. (230 Sixth Ave. N., Seattle; 206-420-1524,

Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches on Capitol Hill: Taco and torta hero Monica Dimas turned her mind to making a fried chicken sandwich the best it can be, and the results are awesome. (1610 12th Ave., Seattle [inside Rachel’s Ginger Beer];

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Burien Fish House in Burien: They started out with a food truck, and now Manda and Van Kirk make some of the area’s tastiest fish and chips in a strip mall. (133 S.W. 153rd St., Burien; 206-294-3506,

Peloton in the Central District: The surprisingly thoughtful, extra-delicious menu at this bike-repair shop/cafe comes from co-owner/chef Mckenzie Hart, who comes from Sitka & Spruce and Cafe Presse. (1220 E. Jefferson St., Seattle; 206-569-4265,

Bok a Bok in White Center: Go for the unbelievably crunchy-crusted, juicy-inside, just-salty-enough Korean fried chicken, but don’t miss the buttery, fluffy, million-layered biscuits. (1521 S.W. 98th St., Suite D, Seattle; 206-693-2493,

Dino’s Tomato Pie on Capitol Hill: From the pizza genius behind the refined Neapolitan pie of Delancey, it’s square-format, caramelized-edged, stuff-it-in-your-face thick-crust greatness, plus a great divey bar. (1524 E. Olive Way, Seattle; 206-403-1742,

Big Island Poke in Renton: Marooned in the middle of a parking lot near a Pizza Hut, this place makes beautiful Hawaiian poke: cool, jewel-like cubes of raw fish with tons of extras. (235 Rainier Ave. S., Renton; 206-915-6760, on Facebook)

10 more great ones:

New Luck Toy in West Seattle, Ooink on Capitol Hill, Feed Co. Burgers in the Central District and Redmond, The Cafe at the Old Ballard Liquor Co. in Ballard, Ramen Bushi Do in Issaquah, 45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar in Wallingford, Mamnoon Street in the Regrade, Italian Family Pizza on First Hill (new location), Chili’s in the University District (new location), Cheese Wizards in Interbay (new brick and mortar).

And two more that’ll probably be excellent (opening soon!):

Southpaw in the Central District, Mean Sandwich in Ballard.