Photographer: Marc Deaver

Photo taken: Feb. 17, at the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Photographer’s description: “This coyote was hunting in the tall grass. While I got several clear shots of him in the open, I think this one best emphasizes his stealthy hunting skills. I had to switch to manual focus to get the shot. I used a Nikon D850 at 500 mm.”

Critique: “Astute readers might recognize your name from our 2020 Reader Photo of the Year, so welcome back to our pages! This one is really captivating. The coyote’s camouflage is apparent here (or, is it?!), and I love the softness of the light. I was betting that manual focus was indeed involved here, as autofocus would get hung up on the tall grass. This is a super-cool photo that stands on its own, but also highlights your versatility when viewed alongside your other work. Well done!”

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